Partners & Co-organazers

Ukrainian network operator association "Telas"

Association "Telas" (registered as a legal entity March 6, 1997) - an independent voluntary organization uniting businesses whose activities involve the development and operation of telecommunication services -now has  one of the leading places among other associations of operators- providers and operators in Ukraine.

Its members provide services with over 80% of the total country's telecommunications services. The wide majority of proposals of Association, made by the participants in the course of joint debates and discussions, considered legislative and executive authorities in the development and adoption of laws, regulations and guidance documents.

Cooperation with the Association of National Commission for Communications Regulation provides an enabling institutional and economic conditions for the operators, further development for telecommunications market and its liberalization.

Council on Competitiveness of the ICT Industry of Ukraine was established on the basis of professional identity and unites professionals and individuals who have made a significant contribution to the development of industry information and communication technologies (hereinafter - ICTs), and others interested in ICT


Ukrainian Internet Association

The Ukrainian Internet Association (UIA) was founded in November 2000 with the aim of consolidating the efforts of all interested parties in developing the Internet in Ukraine.

The daily work of UIA consists of the practical realization of projects, facilitating the development of the Ukrainian segment of the global Internet network.

The UIA devotes special attention to the protection of legal interests of its members, providing them with consulting and legal support as well as providing a dialogue with the authorized state bodies.

The UIA, in close connection with committees of the Supreme Rada and other Ukrainian and international public organizations constantly carries out expect work on analysis, development, and updating of the legislative and normative base of Ukraine. The UIA actively participates in the work of the Public Supervisory Council on issues of administration of the .UA domain.

The significant influence which the UIA renders today on the development of the Internet in Ukraine, is based on the unification of expert-analytical, intellectual, organizational and technical potential, and on many years of practical experience, including in its membership the largest Ukrainian Internet service providers, content providers, electronic and traditional mass media, equipment suppliers, and public organizations - all those who not only understand that the future of Ukraine is impossible without the creation of an information society being a part of the world information space, but also actively works toward achieving this purpose.